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Measuring Success
Red-e Set Grow specializes in the development of software to support screening and assessment instruments. Utilizing database technology along with assessment instruments supported by documented research, Red-e Set Grow provides software tools for teachers, administrators, intervention specialists and others working with children.

Our goal is to help early childhood professionals track student progress with powerful, easy to use technology tools that assist in the development of quality educational programs for young children and their families.

Our News
2014.01.01Happy New Year! - Happy New Year!

Our Advantage
Our software tools are developed to minimize the time required for data input while providing quick and easy to understand report capabilities. Our Mobile Scoring Assistants allow teachers to record assessment results, notes, and interactions directly on handheld devices away from their computers giving them the ability to be face to face with thier children. Individual progress is tracked, and hundreds of classroom activities are generated that teachers can implement immediately into their existing curriculum.