At Red-e Set Grow, we believe that authentic, ongoing assessments of children and tools for understanding the environments in which children learn are critical to improving teaching opportunities and enhanced learning. In partnership with our content providers, we aim to achieve our objective in the following ways:

  • Finding out what interests children
  • Identifying areas of strength and difficulty for individual children
  • Providing timely and accurate information to make informed decisions about appropriate interventions
  • Observing how children change over time
  • Learning about what children know in certain areas such as reading
  • Helping educators link instruction to what children can and cannot do, so that the instruction is responsive and appropriate
  • Learning about the environment in which children learn and the resources available to children, teachers, administrators, and families

Using content provided by our partners, Red-e Set Grow offers software as a service (SaaS) applications that assist teachers, administrators, and families in meeting these objectives by:

  • Providing technology that enables users to gather and document evidence about a child’s progress over time
  • Generating easy to understand and meaningful reports that promote responsive teaching based on a child’s interest and abilities
  • Help monitor progress over time
  • Align assessment information with program and community measures such as Head Start’s Child Development and Early Learning Framework or the Common Core Standards
  • Provide a basis for meaningful discussions with families about their child’s development and for goal setting
  • Assist in planning and evaluation of program goals and objectives
  • Promote responsive learning environments by helping programs identify, plan and set goals for teacher, classroom and program improvement